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Clinical Engineering

Learn Essentials Beyond Management of Medical Equipment in Healthcare Organizations. ” From Zero to Hero “

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Learn how to be successful Clinical Engineer and become High-Demand.

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Ahmed ElSeddawy

Expert Biomedical Engineer MPCS



Course Content

The Clinical Engineering department in any healthcare organization has a major role in patient care and optimizing the investment. This course provides the knowledge of how that can be achieved.

This course specially for

  1. Healthcare Management Team
  2. Clinical Engineers who are working in healthcare organizations
  3. Biomedical Engineering Students who are looking forward to be professional Clinical Engineers.

What You'll Learn

  1. what are the clinical engineering set of activities.
  2. How to prioritize the Clinical Engineering activities.
  3. How to manage the healthcare technology specially medical equipment.
  4. To be aware of the whole life cycle of medical equipment starting from Needs Assessment to Decommissioning and Disposal.
  5. The impact of effective and efficient Clinical Engineering department performance on the healthcare quality
  1. To be aware of the difference between the clinical engineering department and medical equipment maintenance department.
  2. The importance of resources and how to manage Human, Physical and Financial Resources.
  3. To be familiar with the automation of Clinical Engineering activities.
  4. What is the basic core of competencies.

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What's Included

Ahmed ElSeddawy

Expert Biomedical Engineer

Work Experience

  • Clinical Engineering department Director & Quality Officer at Police Hospitals. Engineering department Director at Adam International Hospitals. 
  • General Manager at MPCS Company (Medical Planning and Clinical Solutions), Technical Assessor at EGAC. 
  • Lecturer at Information Technology Institute (ITI).

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